Board of Directors:

Mary Ann McLane: Chair (mclane[at]
Dermott J. Mullan: Vice-Chair
Katherin A. Rogers:  President
Michael Keefe: Treasurer
Paul A. Evenson: Secretary
Rae Stabosz: Member-at-Large
Laura Cline: Member-at-Large
Elizabeth Stevens : Member-at-Large
Daniel Stevens: Member-at-Large

National Advisory Committee

Please click here for more information about the members of the National Advisory Committee.

John C. Cavadini
Mary Ann Glendon
Russell R. Reno
George S. Weigel
Robert Louis Wilken

University of Delaware Faculty Committee

Stacie Beck (Economics)
Eve Buckley (History)
Paul Evenson (Physics)
Julia Hulings (Russian)
Michael Keefe (Mech. Engineering)
Mary Ann McLane (Medical Laboratory Sciences)
Katherin Rogers (Philosophy)
Jonathan Russ (History)
Daniel Stevens (Music)
David Stockman (Economics)
Krzysztof Szalewicz (Physics)
Francis Tannian (Economics emer.)